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What is gamification?

It can be to be motivated, to make it fun, to facilitate and to allow easier adaptation while implementing certain events and processes. Gamification is a problem solving method. It produces effective results in performance, sales, training, loyalty, marketing, HR and many processes in the workplace.

What is not gamification?

It’s not actually a game or a game. On the contrary, it is the game mechanics that are integrated into the serious process. In other words, we are talking about game elements that are included in an already existing process. That’s why it’s not a game. Any fun app is not the same thing. The main difference here is the main purpose. If the goal is to play, it’s not gamification. If the goal is a behavioral change and there are playful elements in it, it comes into play here. It is necessary to analyze the process well.

Gamification, which has continuity and accelerating effects that facilitates difficult processes and leaves a fun effect in easy processes, is widely used in activities such as education and sports, especially in institutions.

This is not the main game in the method here. It’s just to make the game mechanics and items useful in any process. In other words, when talking about a gamified process, we understand that there is only a change in the means, not in the goals.

It is a successful method that people have simply benefited from throughout history and have achieved effective results. With this method, which is used by mothers in their communication with their children, they have succeeded in getting various tasks done and facilitating the processes. It is possible with this that the employees in the workplaces coexist, energetic environment, and complete their work correctly and successfully. You can even achieve effective learning through gamification in training.

In this way, you soften the existing disciplines, make them practical, and turn them into fun and successful. You should get support from a consultant for professional setups and cooperate with gamification companies for the processes of large-scale companies. You will get successful results with your goal, process, audience and a living fiction.